Monday, March 12, 2007

A Hotel Bike Path

The nice thing about traveling west is that despite going to bed very late and being exhausted from traveling, when I awoke at 6 AM it was as if I'd slept until 9 AM, more than enough time for me. I was scheduled to give the speech I missed giving last night at 9 AM, which left me more than enough time to get in at least a little ride. So I unfolded the bike and went down to the lobby and asked the desk clerk if there was anywhere near by that would make a good ride. He said that the hotel has a bike path! It follow the outside of the hotel golf course (which I also wish I'd noticed was going to be here; I might have brought my clubs). So off I went. That's a picture of my shadow taking a picture aimed off into the distance at the start of the path.

This next picture is one of the scenic views of the golf course.

And this one is another, showing the desert vegetation that I love

I took a few more, but I'll hold them for tomorrow. I rode the circuit 4 times and I will approximate that I did 10 miles based on my time. I wish I had a cycle computer on the bike, but it just doesn't pay.

If I were going to be here longer I'd have to leave the reservation and venture into the streets. However I'm only going to ride again perhaps tonight at dusk and again tomorrow, so I think this will suffice and I won't have to deal with the pretty busy road we're on and its lack of anything of interest beyond strip malls.
It was 61 degrees when I rode; it will be very hot this afternoon, but I'm hoping another ride around dusk will not be too taxing. I'd feel really self-righteous about this weather if my phone call home had not informed me that the temperature in Philly today is 68. Oh well.


Jacob said...

A site I like to use for tracking distance is Originally designed for walkers, it can also be used to keep track of biking. The only problem is that you'll probably have to use the satellite view to figure out where you went.

Ira F. Stone said...

Thanks, jacob, I'll give it a try.

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