Friday, March 02, 2007

More On Books and Blogs

A quick continuation of this morning's post. I received from Amazon today the following items that I will be reviewing:
The Rider by Tim Krabbe
The Race by David Shields
The Tour by David Shields
Red Light Go: Alley Cat Racing in New York City - A DVD
Pedals Photographs and a Documentary Film by Peter Sutherland
Trouble is the weather is turning so nice who knows if I'll ever read or watch a DVD again! Just kidding. But the weather is beautiful today after the rain storm that washed out my ride the sun came out and it is 60 degrees! But we needed to get the bikes tuned so in they went and hopefully we'll get them back on Monday afternoon. Meanwhile we'll ride the Citizen folding bikes on Sunday and Monday morning and I'll let you know how that goes.

We did spend some time with Pete of Bustleton Bikes figuring out some good next-step mounts for us to try and a Fuji and a Trek will be ready also, I hope, on Monday and we'll give them a whirl. More on that later as well.

Finally, I do have two other cycling books that I have finished, but no time for reviewing them today. Perhaps tomorrow night.

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