Monday, March 05, 2007

Not Riding The Citizen...Oh Well

The sun came up spectacularly about half an hour after I left the house on my Citizen bike for the second straight day. Temperature was 31 degrees and I had a good night's sleep - raring to go! And I went about three miles, thanks to the garbage train parked across the track opening at Locust street. Oh, the train wasn't the problem. I just rode down to 23rd Street and up Chestnut to the entry ramp. But just as I came up the first museum hill the peddle came off my bike. And for the life of me, without a wrench, I couldn't get it back on. Talk about feeling incompetent. I had to call Annie to come pick me up with the car. Luckily she had decided that it was too cold for her to ride. Anyway, I'm home with time to spare. I fixed the peddle and, despite the expectation of having our Navigators home today and even the possibility of new bikes, I will need to ride the Citizen again some time this week in order to mark the proper post heights which I couldn't take the time to do while folding it for emergency transport this morning, before packing it up for our trip to Arizona next week. All in all a bit of a bummer.At least there are no pictures of me standing helplessly by my bike in the museum parking lot!

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