Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Picture Of Sunday Morning Joy

No this is not a picture of me; it is another photo lifted from some one's blog. But the sheer joy expressed in the body language of this particular cyclist captures the joy of our ride this morning. The temperature at 48 degrees (but it felt warmer) and the sun rising as we rode (we left the house a bit later, this being a Sunday) so that it was shining fully not long after we hit the trail, and riding our new bikes just felt spectacular. We were able to ride longer than a weekday, despite my having to work most of today; I still could start a bit later. So we did 15.6 miles. I'd hoped we could get out at our regular time and then be able to ride even more, but the sleep is important too.

Along the way I listened to two podcasts. I'm still working my way through the entire archive of Fredcasts so I listened to one from last May after I listened to the latest edition of The Spokesmen that came in this morning. I've also downloaded some great cycling music via the podcast called The Cadence Revolution. so take a listen. I'm set on cycling company.

The coming week promises to be very difficult. I will be in NY for a funeral tomorrow and in NY both Wednesday and Thursday for other obligations. Not sure how much riding I'll get done and even if I manage a few rides less sure about how much time I'll have to blog. So forgive any delays and I'll talk to you soon.

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