Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Calm Before The Flood?

So they say, anyway. The rains are supposed to begin tonight and continue through a good part of tomorrow. I'm assuming that we won't get to ride in the morning, which I hope will give me an opportunity to get to some of my impressions about Bicycling books that I mentioned receiving and beginning to read weeks ago. And also to mention some new books I've discovered and ordered on the basis of reports in various blogs and podcasts. It also seems like a good time to take our bikes in for tune-ups, so our plan is to do that tomorrow and, if necessary, ride the folding bikes on Sunday and Monday by which time I hope our bikes will be ready. Mine especially has taken a lot of wear and tear over the winter. Finally, with a good excuse to visit the store we bought our bikes from, Bustleton Bikes, Annie and I plan to take some time looking at bikes for a possible next step. We're both itching to get on faster, lighter mounts and have visited a few other shops and investigated many possibilities via the Web. So, who knows, maybe we'll even come home with new bikes for Sunday and Monday, but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, today is really spring-like. It was only 34 degrees when we left, but it is over 50 degrees now and even as we rode the day was warming up. Annie is still a little weak-legged but she let me go on ahead and I was moving. I picked her up on the way back and she turned around to go home with me. It was a fine ride for 12.4 miles. I listened to two episodes of The Fredcast, one going out to the bridge and one coming back. Perfect timing. Next time out I'm ready with a couple of episodes of The Spokesmen, after that another episode of Bikescape, and little by little I will catch up on all of them giving me plenty of company for the ride for the foreseeable future. I'm learning a ton from all these guys.

Finally, to see if anyone is out there: I'm thinking of changing the name of my blog to The Ludwig (see yesterday's post for the reason.) Any opinions?

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